The Believers of Norse in Ancient America
Are pleased to offer you the following downloads and information:

1, Deciphering the Walam Olum in


2. LINGUISTIC EVIDENCE of Norse in ancient America.

3. TRACKS of Norse in ancient America.

4. Operation instructions for the eBook of FROZEN TRAIL to MERICA.

5. A preview of How the Maalan Aarum was created.

Merica Powerpoint to be added

6. A presentation of evidence to show that the Americans were Christians before the European invasion.

OGaas Powerpoint to be added;

7. Hypothesis: The LENI LENAPE were CHRISTIANS when the Europeans arrived.

Download Leni Lenape were Christians


8. This PDF file is a scholarly presentation of the hypothesis that the Leni Lenape were Christians.

Download Schorly article on Leni Lenaape were Christians

9. The story of the OLDEST TRUE history of America is told in the file below

Maalan History PDF

10. A map and a brief history of the Maalan Aarum Saga.

Maalan Aarum Saga Map [DF

11. The Algonquin speaking Americans and Old Norse speakers may have been descended from an ancient sea culture that had strpmg principles and communicated over long distances in relatively short spans of time. The PDF file below provides links to books and Internet sites supporting the hypothesis of an ancient sea culture.

Download Referencws for Sea Peoples