(eBook with "flying foot notes")
The eBook is sold by, First Peoples, and AASP

This infomation is an expanded description of the eBook and its special features, including dynamic chapter selection and "flying footnotes."

The Frozen Trail to Merica was written to explain how the Norse Greenlanders could have migrated across the frozen Davis Strait. The book is written as fiction with the characters reacting to real enviornmental distress. The factual evidence is presented with emphasis on accuracy.

The original ebook for Frozen Trail to Merica has an introduction followed by twenty (20) chaptsers and a bibliography. They are formated as twenty two (22) PDF files contained within a ZIP file. The ZIP file length is 3.6 M bytes. Downloading through a 56K modem requires about twelve minutes. Unzip the files into the same folder . The PDF files will occupy 3.6 M in the hard drive.

The PDF files are programmed to use the Adobe hand to get quick access to the foot notes.

The Adobe reader displays a hand as the reading cursor. A finger on the hand appears when the curser crosses text that contains information to send the reader to a new place. In the Table of Contents the hand with a finger points at a chapter name. If the reader clicks on the chapter name, the selected chapter should appear. This feature allows the reader to use the table of contents to by-pass chapters already read.

If the selected chaper does not appear, verify that all PDF files are unZIPPED into the same folder. Some computers can open the PDF files directly from the ZIP file. In this case, the cursor funtion will not work.

Click on "~" brhind each foot note number or the foot notes as they occur in the text to read the Factal Fiction notes within the context of the story. The active pointers allow the reader to "fly" to the foot note information and "fly" back to the story. Word meanings are given in the book mark section of the Adobe display.

Each chapter ends with a pictograph and the words "Engraved stick." The cursor should show a finger when passed over the "Engraved stick." Click on the words and the next chapter should appear. (NOTE: This method by passes the Factual Fiction section of each chapter. Use book marks or foot notes to gain access to the Factual Fiction.)

The book format is best for those readers who want entertainment. The eBook format is best for students who want repeated, quick access to portions of the story, the word meanings, and the Factual Fiction notes.


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